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Are you tired of traditional networking events that are full of fake smiles and cringey elevator pitches? No more dodging salesy weirdos or feeling like you’re trapped in a never-ending infomercial. Come network in a way that feels true to who you are and aligns with your business mission, vision, and values.

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Calling all fabulous female entrepreneurs! The fastest, simplest, most FUN way to grow your business is through networking. But this is not your typical networking event. We network like humans, not like salesy weirdos. 


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You’ll spend time in at least 3 different breakout rooms where you’ll introduce yourself and have a relevant topic to discuss. These events are designed so that everyone is engaged. No black Zoom screens or zoned-out nods from people who are clearly just waiting for their turn to talk.


These events are a great opportunity to practice talking about your business in different ways and to become a better listener, question-asker, and referral partner.


Plus, you’ll walk away with new ideas, resources, opportunities, and connections with other positive, growth-minded female entrepreneurs who value integrity and inclusion.  


If you’re craving real connections with incredible women in business and want to make money while having FUN, this event is for you!

only $5 + fees

Network Like a Human (Not a Salesy Weirdo)

These events are like nothing you’ve ever attended before. No elevator pitches or 30-second commercials. No exclusion, competition, or weird flexes. And for the love of God, NO WASTING TIME! These events are high-energy but not exhausting. We move quickly but spark real conversations that help you get beyond the surface. Every aspect of these events is intentionally designed to help you elevate your business by forming true connections with other business owners.

The Details

One Networking Event Each Month

What does one hour + powerhouse women from around the world committed to building authentic connections with one another equal for you and your business? GROWTH. FRIENDSHIP. POWER PARTNERS. SUPPORT. PROFIT. That’s what.


Best hour you’ll invest all month, guaranteed.

Structure & Support for Networking Like a Human (Not a Salesy Weirdo)

Come as you are and learn how to make the most out of networking. We put 30-second commercials to shame during our virtual networking events. Insetad, we spark real conversations that help you elevate your business and form true relationships with women just like you.

Be Embraced and Encouraged for Being YOU

If you’ve felt like you don’t “fit in” at other networking events, and that imposter syndrome creeps in telling you that you’re “too much” or “not enough,” then you belong with us. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, Type A or Type Awesome, lover of cats or despiser of pistachios…YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

Why Women Around the WORLD
Love Virtual Speed Networking

"Helps me be a more professional network marketer"

“I don’t want to be weird when I’m doing what I do…Melissa’s got some great tips that have helped me hone my game.”

Leigh Miller - Network Marketer

"for someone who is tight on time, I love that I can carve an hour out"

“It’s a very efficient way to connect at the heart with other women business owners.”

Shawn Vougeot - CEO & Co-Founder

"You feel like you're connecting with a human, not just a business"

“Everyone has time to talk…Everyone respects the fact that we’re here for each other and not just ourselves.”

Kristen MacDonald - Faith Coach

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Commonly Asked Questions

Wondering if the PWR Virtual Speed Networking events are right for you? If you’ve made it this far, the answer is probably yes. Here’s a bit more info about what you can expect when you sign up:

This event is open to all women, women-identifying people, and AFAB non-binary people who own businesses. It doesn’t matter if this is a side hustle or your full-time gig. We’re not concerned with your age, level of experience, or location—if you’re a female entrepreneur who values authenticity, integrity, and genuine connections, you’ll find your place here with us!

HECK YES! When you’re new in business, you don’t have time or money to waste on ineffective tactics or “high ticket” coaches who promise to help you make $90k in 90 days. You need to start getting your name out there and making money like, yesterday.  Intentional and authentic networking is one of the fastest, simplest, and least expensive ways to grow your business—at any stage.

HECK YES! In order for success to be sustainable, your pipeline needs to be consistently filled with new connections, referral partners, opportunities, and resources. You’ll find all that and more at our events!

When you become a member of the Powerful Women Rising Community, you not only get to attend our Virtual Speed Networking Events for free, but you also have access to additional PWRC-exclusive events.  For example, inside the community, we have members-only networking calls and mastermind calls, which are designed to take the hassle and the awkwardness out of “following up.”  By showing up consistently, you’ll get to know the other members on a much more intimate level, giving you the chance to build real, genuine relationships, form power partnerships, and learn from one another. Get more information about becoming a member of the Powerful Women Rising Community here.

This event is nothing like traditional “networking” where you make small talk, random people hand you their business card and you wonder why you even bothered. We make networking FUN AND EFFECTIVE. No salesly weirdos here – just authentic connections and women supporting women!


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