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The No-BS Podcast for
Female Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Powerful Women Rising Podcast — the no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud podcast for heart-centered female entrepreneurs ready to make an impact (and a profit) while staying true to themselves. Forget cookie-cutter and one-size-fits-all advice. Each episode provides customizable solutions and strategies to help you grow and scale your business.

What You’ll Get by Tuning In:

Empowerment & Strategy for Growing Your Business

Tap into inspired insights and business tips from women entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to start, grow, and scale your business. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all business advice, which is why the Powerful Women Rising Podcast features diverse voices and topics from managing ADHD as an entrepreneur to making more revenue through social media marketing.

No-BS Advice to Shine Light on Your Blindspots

How many times have you eagerly listened to a business podcast only to realize about 15 minutes in that it’s just surface-level business advice that you can’t even put into action? Or even worse, it’s just a veiled sales pitch. If you’re ready for authentic conversations and practical advice that will help you solve problems and grow your business YOUR way, then this is the podcast for you.

Practical Guidance & Inspiration to Make More Money

Making money in your business should be simple and fun. You won’t learn manipulative sales strategies or formulas to help you “scale to 8 figures in 90 seconds” on this podcast. Instead, you’ll hear real humans having real conversations and sharing actionable strategies to help you increase profitability while staying true to your values and vision.

what THIS podcast is all about

Your go-to for strategy, insight, and advice to grow your business on your own terms.

Most Loved Episodes

Episode #58

Mastering the Elevator Pitch

Episode #46

ADHD and Entrepreneurship w/Kristen Carder

Episode # 56

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Episode #36

Grow Your Business While Posting LESS on Social Media w/Katie Brinkley

Certified Life & Relationship Coach & Award-winning Business Strategist

Your Podcast Host, Melissa Snow

With over 20 years of experience in business, I feel like I’ve heard every piece of generic business strategy out there. Over and over, I’ve seen (and experienced firsthand) how hard it is for people who don’t fit the stereotype of success to extract useful business advice (much less find a community).


I’m not your typical “successful female entrepreneur”I hate showering, doing laundry, and waking up before 8 am. I am highly gifted, have ADHD, and struggled with chronic depression most of my life. I’m a hilarious introvert who can be moody AF and did terribly in high school…and yet, I’ve started and grown multiple successful businesses. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to change the landscape for female entrepreneurs especially those who sometimes feel like they don’t “fit the mold.”


The Powerful Women Rising Podcast is a tribute to every woman, everywhere. I’m here to tell you that you can grow your business in a way that’s true to YOU and I’m here to give you the tools and resources to succeed. I’ll keep it real with you, I’ll ask the questions you want to know the answers to, and I’ll never pretend to have it all together. Tune in on your favorite platform, and let’s make business FUN again.


relatable. authentic. inspiring.

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Ready to Share Your Expert Insight?

I’m always looking for brilliant women in their industry who are ready to join in on the fun at the Powerful Women Rising Podcast. Got an idea for an episode? Want to share your own story of business growth? The mic is yours for the taking! I can’t wait to meet you and learn what you can teach to our thriving community of female entrepreneurs.


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