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Calling All Heart-Centered Women in Business!

Are you tired of networking events full of fake smiles and surface-level conversations? Have you tried other groups where the focus is on connection, but even mentioning your business seems taboo? I’ll let you in on my not-so-secret secret — there’s a better way to grow your business. Welcome to a different type of networking collaborations that leave you feeling empowered rather than drained and power partnerships with a community of women that take your business to the next level.


You’re a woman in business who’s tired of traditional "networking" and is ready for real, authentic relationships that actually grow your business.

Community & Coaching for
Women in Business

What if you could start, grow, or scale your business on your own terms? Forget the one-size-fits-all formulas business coaches everywhere try to sell you. You don’t need to conform to what society thinks you should look or act like as a woman in business.  We’re all about authenticity, integrity, and doing things your way. Surrounded by a powerful network of women who’ve got your back, you’re destined to succeed!

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The Powerful Women Rising Podcast

Welcome to your new favorite podcast! We dive deep into topics that will truly help you grow and scale your business – from social media strategy to mastering the art of relationship marketing. You’ll get insight from experts who will shine a light on your business blindspots so you can make more money in a way that feels good. It’s no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud, and perfect for heart-centered female entrepreneurs ready to make an impact (and profit!) while staying true to themselves.

Network Together

Virtual Speed Networking Events

Ready for some networking that doesn’t feel like a chore or leave you feeling like you need a shower to wash off the sales sleaze? Join our next PWR Virtual Speed Networking event! You’ll meet other women in business who are just as excited to grow and learn as you are. You never know what kind of opportunities, connections, and resources you’ll discover that will take your business to the next level.

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The Powerful Women Rising Community

Connect and build genuine relationships with other brilliant women who value collaboration over competition.  It’s everything you need to take your business to the next level – the perfect mix of networking, collaboration, business strategy, mindset coaching, and more.  Our community is dedicated to providing encouragement, guidance, and support to help you grow a fun and profitable business you LOVE.


Hi, I’m Melissa Snow

I’m a female entrepreneur, certified life and relationship coach, podcast host, and award-winning business strategist dedicated to empowering women in business. I’ve been navigating the wild world of entrepreneurship for many years and have grown three successful businesses. I love showing female business owners how to make more money in the simplest, most sustainable way – by building and leveraging meaningful connections.


I know exactly how to help you rise above the noise, stand out in the crowd, and crush your business goals. My mission is to show you a new way to start, grow or scale your business.  You don’t need the expensive programs, the high-ticket coaches or the cookie cutter blueprints.  Together, we’ll create a profitable business you love based on authenticity, integrity, and genuine connections.


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Through her coaching, Melissa has dramatically helped me strengthen personal and professional boundaries and tackle limiting beliefs that were keeping me from reaching my goals.

Melissa is a true partner in business – open, honest, and direct with a healthy dose of empathy. She actively seeks to meet you where you are, tailors her work to suit your personal situation, and shows up fully present. I’m incredibly grateful for her coaching, teaching, and support.

- Jessica S.


Let Me Show You What’s Possible

As a coach, speaker, author, and self-proclaimed “Relationship Marketing Queen,” I’ve established and grown three profitable businesses. Now, as the Founder and CEO of Powerful Women Rising, I’m on a mission to help business owners stay focused on the one thing that always guarantees success: RELATIONSHIPS.


My accomplishments are proof that focusing on authentic connections, showing up as your true self, and being of service to others is the simplest and most sustainable way to grow a business.


I love helping female entrepreneurs transform traditional “networking” into a genuine, effective, and FUN experience—free from sleazy tactics and salesy weirdos. Business owners who hear me speak, attend my workshops, or join the Powerful Women Rising Community gain the essential tools to build solid relationships that will significantly elevate their businesses.

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Scale Your Business in a Simple, Fun, & Profitable Way

I’ve learned firsthand that entrepreneurship is a whole lot easier—and a lot more fun—when you’re surrounded by an amazing group of women who truly “get it”. Join the Powerful Women Rising Community and start building authentic, meaningful relationships with like-minded female entrepreneurs. Sharpen your networking skills, tap into the collective wisdom of the group, and gain the confidence and clarity needed to reach your goals.