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Trainer, podcast guest, and keynote speaker for women in business

Revolutionizing Business Growth through Relationship Marketing

Discover the power of authentic connections from the “Relationship Marketing Queen.” As a certified life and relationship coach, award-winning business strategist, and 3x business owner, I’m here to revolutionize networking and foster a more human-centric approach to business development.

What I Can Teach As Your Keynote Speaker:

Ditch the Pitch: The New Rules for Fun & Profitable Networking

What if I told you that networking is the simplest, least expensive, and most sustainable method of business growth? But the era of polished elevator pitches and passing business cards is over. I’ll teach you how to make authentic connections, form genuine relationships, and cultivate power partnerships while you network so you can make more money (and have some fun).

Foundations of Business Relationships

Your network is arguably the biggest driving force in your business. When you start strategically and authentically building relationships (instead of treating every encounter like a sales opportunity), then you will go further in business than you’ve ever imagined. As a certified relationship coach and business strategist, I’ll teach you how to create, nurture, and leverage relationships that grow your bottom line AND fill your cup.​​

The 3 C's (Consistency, Commitment, Connection)

Running a business should be simple, fun, and profitable. In my experience growing three successful businesses, I’ve discovered three key elements that will take your business to the next level: consistency, commitment, and connection. In this keynote speech, I’ll teach you how to create sustainable and fulfilling business habits that lead to sustainable growth and massive success.


Give Your Audience Actionable Tips for Networking like a Human (not a salesy weirdo)



Train Your Team In Effective & Profitable Networking

Imagine each person on your team leveraging their personal networks, closing sales faster than ever before, cultivating strategic referral partners, and turning their networking efforts into measurable business growth. 


When you book a Networking Workshop with me, your team will be able to do just that. This hands-on, humor-filled, practical training gives your team specific, actionable tools to leverage networking and build profit-generating relationships without resorting to slimy sales tactics. 

I'll Teach Your Team To:

Ready to see real results from your networking? Let’s make your next team meeting their next big opportunity. This training is great for network marketers, sales teams, real estate professionals, and more.

Book Half-Day or Full-Day | Virtual & in-person workshops available


Before You Book

I can speak on a variety of topics, including relationship marketing, networking, growing a business, and more. I can tailor my presentations to align with your event’s needs and objectives!

Absolutely! I understand that every audience and event is unique. I am more than happy to work with you to customize my speaking topics and presentations to ensure they resonate with your audience and meet the specific goals of your event.

I sure do! I offer virtual speaking engagements and training sessions. Whether it’s a webinar, virtual conference, or online workshop, I can deliver engaging and impactful presentations remotely for your audience.

It is recommended to book me for a speaking engagement or training session as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. However, I understand that last-minute requests may arise, and I will do my best to accommodate them whenever possible.
While I recommend booking in advance to secure your desired date and time, I understand that sometimes last-minute opportunities arise. I will do my best to accommodate your request, depending on my availability.

I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of audiences and industries, including corporate teams, realtors, direct sales teams, non-profit organizations, and conference audiences. My adaptable speaking style allows me to connect with audiences from various backgrounds. By prioritizing authenticity, connection, and relationships, I strive to create community in a room, allowing each unique individual to feel welcome and heard. Everyone walks away with something they can use.


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Redefine the Way You Network

Ready to see your business’s potential when you lead with authenticity? I’ll teach you how to unlock the potential of relationship marketing. As a business strategist, trainer and keynote speaker, I’ll leave your audience feeling empowered and inspired. Let’s connect, collaborate, and elevate your business — book me for your next event, podcast episode, or team workshop.